Marriage in Islam, Rulings and Guidelines

Course Objective:

The course is designed for those looking to get married as well as those already married. Students will gain an understanding of the purpose of marriage in Islam. Why a person should get married and how to live your life as a married man.

Course Description:

Marriage is a sacred blessing gifted to humanity by Allah. The way in which the community of believers perceive marriage, and how they interact with each other within it, has a profound effect on the individual's contentment and satisfaction with life in this world as well as the next. Union in marriage is the building block of society, therefore a healthy ummah can be said to predicate upon a successful Marriage. 

This course seeks to shed light on the guidance of the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, on the purpose of marriage, looking for a spouse, getting married, and engaging with each other in a manner which is most pleasing to Allah and his messenger.

Subject: The Purpose of Marriage, How to choose the “right person”, Sunnas of marriage, The marriage contract, rights, and duties, The place and role of the extended family and building stronger relationships.

Course Duration: 10 weeks
Running Time: Mondays, 7pm to 9pm
Teacher: Sh Abdulkarim
Fee: $200 *please note: course fees are non-refundable*

Course Starts: Monday 1st of May, 2023

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