Who We Are

Daar ibn Abbas is a masjid and multi-functional community centre in the heart of south west Sydney. It was established with a focus on serving the surrounding and wider Muslim community, as well as engaging broader Australian society, through its physical and online presence.


Our vision is to promulgate the humanitarian values chosen by God, delivered by prophets, and perfected by the Best of Creation with the aim of protecting humanity from every harm and drawing to them every good.

Daar ibn Abbas seeks to recreate the masjid and community of our beloved prophet in a form that fits Sydney in the 21st century

Just as the masjid of the beloved prophet was a multi-functional institution for the first community and the source of guidance for future generations – we strive for these same goals.


Daar ibn Abbas was established in 2010 by Sheikh Abdel Moez an-Nafti al-Hasany with a mission tofacilitate and perpetuate a means of reviving and implementing authentic Islamic education.

The Objective of Daar Ibn Abbas is to sow the seeds of Prophetic inheritance in people who will spread it, and is based on the following principles:

  • Dissemination of Islamic Knowledge through an unbroken chain of transmission with attention to thoroughness, in accordance with the inherited method using beneficial modern means and approaches to education, whilst relating the knowledge to current contexts.
  • Purification of the soul through sincerity in intention, cleansing of the heart and disciplining of manners.

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