Boys' Quran & Islamic Studies – Wednesdays

Learn to read, Tajweed, Recitation and Memorisation. Students will progress at their own pace in a 1 on 1 class setting starting from the basics of letter recognition and pronunciation, through to theory and application of tajweed with fluent recitation before memorisation. 

Islamic Studies
Ibaadah (Worship) / Aqeedah (Belief) / Ihsan (Islamic Conduct, Manners and Values). This program is based on the well-known ‘Hadith Jibril’ wherein the 3 Pillars of the Religion and their core areas are defined by our Prophet ﷺ. Students will be introduced to these Pillars with gradual explanation and in class discussion that will foster a wholistic understanding. A portion of each level will focus on the Prayer and preparation for it with lessons that are age appropriate, relevant to life in Australia and taught by experienced and qualified instructors. 

Mastery Subjects
(Tahaarah and Salaah). Students are encouraged to memorise as well as apply the essential points (Conditions, Integrals, Nullifiers, Recommended and Disliked) of Tahaarah (Cleanliness for Prayer) and the Prayer itself to ensure the validity of their worship.

  • Starts: Wednesday, 1 May 2024 
  • Running Time: Wednesdays, 5pm - 7pm
  • Course Duration: 4 years 
  • Term Duration: 10 weeks 
  • Islamic Studies Text: iSyllabus Workbook 1
  • Fees: $20 per week (course fees are non-refundable)
* If minimum registration numbers are not met, this class may be cancelled/merged with a class another day 

Available classes

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