Why Islam is True: God, Muhammad, and the Purpose of Life

Course Objective:
An evidence-based inquiry into the fundamental truths of Islam. See clearly that Islam is not a cultural preference but a clear fact. Learn how to respond to common atheist arguments.
Course Description:

This course covers foundational arguments related to proving the core tenets of Islam, such as the argument from design. The course introduces you to a series of loaded questions that atheists ask about God, and helps you answer them yourself. Such as the Problem of Evil and Suffering and see exactly why it is flawed. The importance of revelation in knowing the Purpose of Life. Learn about Miracles and proofs that the Quran is from God. Learn about Evolution and Islam and how to join between revelation, reason, and science. And how all this affects your life right now.

Subject: Aqeedah

Course Duration: 2 Terms
Running Time: Saturdays, 10am to 11:30am 
Teacher: Sh AbdulHadi
Fees: $15 per week *please note: course fees are non-refundable*
Term 2, 2023 Starts: Saturday 29th April, 2023

Term Duration: 10 Weeks

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