Introduction to Islam (Shafi'e Instruction on Worship)

Course Objective:

The course is designed for those with no previous formal study of Islam. An introduction to the absolute basics that every Muslim must know.
Course Description:
Students will cover the three foundations of religion as they are stated in the established tradition of the Prophet peace be upon him, known as Hadith Jibreel: Iman Belief, Islam Practice, and Ihsan Excellence. Students will also learn how to practice the fundamentals of worship, Prayer and Fasting. 
  • Overview of the foundations of Religion
  • Instruction on Worship, Prayer and Fasting
Running Time: Mondays 7pm to 9pm
Teachers:  Sh Abdulkarim
Fees: $10 per week  *please note: course fees are non-refundable*
Term 1, 2023 Starts: Monday 30th January, 2023

Term Duration: 8 Weeks

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