Girls' Quran and Islamic Studies – Saturdays

Girls' Quran and Islamic Studies at Daar Ibn Abbas is designed to connect the hearts of young Muslim girls to the love of Allah ﷻ and The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ by establishing a safe and welcoming learning environment where students are able to learn about their Deen and establish life long connections to other Muslim sisters.

Course Objectives

Reciting the Quran is one of the most important ways that we connect with our Creator. For this reason, we have designed a program to take students from the basic of letter recognition and pronunciation, through to theory and application tajweed with fluent recitation before memorisation.

The program allows students to:
- Learn at their own pace
- Receive one-to-one support from a qualified teacher
- Gain a deeper connection with the Quran

Islamic Studies
This program is based on the well-known ‘Hadith Jibril’ wherein the 3 Pillars of the Religion and their core areas are defined by our Prophet ﷺ. The course introduces, delivers, and guides students through essential knowledge that no Muslim can do without. Lessons are age-appropriate, relevant to life in Australia and taught by experienced and qualified instructors.
The core areas explored include:
- Ibaadah (Worship)
- Aqeedah (Belief)
- Ihsan (Tarbiyah)
- Islamic Conduct
- Manners and Values

Islamic studies involves learning essential knowledge through theory, discussion, practical activities, role play, arts/crafts and problem-based learning. This allows our students to appreciate the knowledge and take steps to implement what they learn in all contexts of their lives.

Mastery Subjects
Our mastery subjects are Tahaarah and Salaah as they are paramount in the life of every Muslim.
Students are encouraged to memorise as well as apply the essential components of Tahaarah and Salaah. These include:
- Conditions
- Nullifiers
- Recommended and Disliked Actions
- Validity

Duaa is a vital part of the life of every believer. At Daar Ibn Abbas we know how important it is to teach our students duaa from a young age. Teachers introduce students to duaas that they can apply in their daily lives. The duaa is recited in class with the teacher and students are encouraged to memorise it. The constant repetition of duaa in class and at home encourages students to connect to Allah  ﷻ  through duaa wherever they may be.

Timing: Saturdays, 9:30am - 12:00pm

Teachers: Three highly qualified female teachers.

Fees: $25 per week *please note: course fees are non-refundable*

Term 4, 2023 Starts: Saturday, 14th of October, 2023

Term Duration: 10 Weeks

Available classes

Registrations for this class is now closed.
Registrations for this class is now closed.
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