5 Pillars of Islam-New Muslims Workshop

Are you a New Muslim? Revert, convert, newly practising Muslim or interested in Islam? Know someone who is? Well, our upcoming New Muslims Workshop Series may be of great benefit to you and your loved ones insha’ALLAH!

Detailing 3 essential components of Islam, these workshops aim to cover The Names of ALLAH subhahu wa ta’ala, The Five Pillars of Islam and The Biography of our Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wasalam. All workshops include a Q&A Session. They are taught by qualified Shaykh’s and teachers, and accommodate both brothers and sisters, in segregated areas.
All workshops are FREE, with Morning Tea and Lunch provided insha’ALLAH.

Registration is essential, please see the flyer below for more details. Be sure to forward this email to your contacts and gain immense rewards in your book of good deeds insha’ALLAH!