Module 2 – Men’s 2 Year Shariah Course

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M02Module 2 - Mens ShariahSheikh Ibrahim Abdullah09.00-12.30

Hadith – Commentary of 40 Hadith of Imam An-Nawawi

Besides the Qur’an, the Prophetic traditions are an embodiment of the code of life. Hadith provide guidance in all walks of life – individual, social, material, moral, economic, political, legal, cultural, national and international.

In the Prophetic traditions is guidance for all mankind. His conduct, character and words provide a path to success and salvation in this life and the hereafter. The Prophet’s life provides a living and practical example for Muslims to live as ennobled human beings.

This subject introduces students to Prophetic tradition and is concerned with the study and elucidation of Prophetic wisdom. In Imam An-Nawawi’s introduction, he narrates that the Prophet (Peace and Blessings upon him) said:

“Whoever preserves forty hadith for my ummah in the affair of their deen, then Allah will raise him up on the Day of Rising in the company of the people of fiqh and the people of knowledge”
The aim of this subject is to study in detail the 42 prophetic traditions selected by Imam An-Nawawi that encompass many aspects of everyday life with particular application to our age.

Mustalah Al-Hadith – Sciences of Hadith

This science is one of the sciences that is unique to Islam. Prophetic traditions are the second source of law in Islam after the Qur’an and a form of revelation:

“He does not speak of his own accord it is but inspiration”
(The Qur’an 53:3-4)

This subject deals with the history of the origin, development, and the study of the rules regulating the transmission and classification of Hadith – prophetic traditions.

Its main purpose is to preserve Prophetic Traditions and protect it from fraudulence, fabrication and unwarranted additions. Great effort was expended in this field by scholars throughout the centuries. The students will study the stages of development of this science and touch on the lives of well known muhaddithin.

In this subject, students also study the systematical techniques that have been developed and used in the transmission of Hadith from from one generation of scholars to the next.

The classifications given to the Prophetic traditions: Authentic, Sound, and Weak and numerous sub-categories are examined along with the rules and criteria for accepting and rejecting a reported tradition.